Tuesday, November 11, 2008

September Re-cap

Continuing with the trend of taking forever to post updates, I will now give the September report in November!

September 4 - Miramar Theater, Milwaukee, WI
This show was pretty standard and nothing major to report. Nathan from the now-dissolved Chinese Fingertrap sat in on sax for an encore of "The Chicken" and that was fun.

September 5 - Harvest Fest, Clarks Grove, MN
We hit the road super early for our long drive to Minnesota. ("Super early" for FGC is anything before noon). Harvest Fest had great production and was very organized, but also very laid back, and the Wookiefoot crew couldn't have been more welcoming. We played an early evening set on the mainstage, and chatted it up with Lotus and Willy Waldman backstage. We ended up deciding to drive all the way home that night instead of staying over, so we split shortly after our set.

September 12 - Mulberry Mountain Festival, Ozark, AR
Our first show in Arkansas, bumping our state count up to 33 states played! The festival was fairly small, but well organized. We played our set in the late afternoon on the small stage, then hung out for a bit before truckin' back to our hotel. Word is that we got lucky with the weather, as the following day at the festival was apparently hit with torrential downpour. Highlight of the day was seeing our friend/fan Jessica be super drunk and silly!

September 13 - The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS
We played a short opening set for Chicago Afrobeat Project. Old Chicago friend and new Kansas resident, Kristy, was on hand to enjoy the evening with us.

September 17 - Draught Haus, Winona, MN
Who would have thought Winona on a Wednesday would be so damn fun? The Winona crew came out in full force and we had a killer time. Check out some YouTube video footage from the show! (Note: that's Jordan running the light show!)

September 18 - Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN
This show was a co-bill with our good buds, Fat Maw Rooney. Highlight of the night was realizing that the Fat Maw Rooney drummer, Kyle, and I had the same shoes! We also met a new fan, Matt, who nicknamed Mattias "Matt Fancy."

September 25 - Majestic Theater, Madison, WI
We were excited for this show and to be headlining such a nice room as the Majestic. One major setback at the outset was that after setting up our entire light rig, we were informed that the venue would not permit us to use our hazer (fog machine) due to fire regulations. Not having fog really decreases the impact of the lights so we were a bit disappointed about this, not to mention the work involved in setting up and tearing down the lights. But we still played a fun show for a very enthusiastic crowd. In fact, this was our first CD release show for our new album, Models and Metrics, and we performed the entire 10 tracks of the album to start off the show.

September 26 - Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
Our sort of home-away-from home, we always love playing at the Canopy. After enjoying some of Anthony's fine pizza, we ripped a fun set for a great crowd. A cool moment of the set was a Rattler > The World is Watching (Part 1) > Rattler, and then later closing out the set with The World Is Waching (Part 2). We hung out at the Baymont afterwards with Grimace, Smokey and Brad, and stayed up too late of course.

September 27 - Redstone Room, Davenport, IA
A third night in a row of setting up the light rig, but luckily Grimace was on hand again and was a great help. The show went great and we had the crowd jumping. Kayla brought us cookies and Tiff brought us homemade salsa...how did we luck out with such awesome fans??

September 28 - Fall Frolic Festival, Laurens, IA
No comment...hahahaa :)

Stay tuned for the October update, hopefully sometime before the end of '08!


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