Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Camp Festival 2008!!

Well, it didn't take us long to get stupidly behind in this blog. Here's the report on Summer Camp 2008 last weekend.

We arrived at the pre-party on Thursday afternoon. Caught a little bit of 56 Hope Road ripping it up on the Starshine Stage before heading to our load-in and soundcheck in the barn. The latenight show was amazing! Huge crowd and it was great to see all our die-hard fans right up front. I was crazy antsy all day long about doing my Eminem bit, but we nailed it and I became a latenight rapping legend! Thanks to a fan for uploading it to YouTube! Click here to watch.

I got to the hotel way too late that night, and returned to the festival on Friday afternoon to find Adam and Mattias completely soaked from spending the night in the rain. The weather cleared up by the time I arrived though, and I had a nice afternoon and evening catching some Avett Brothers, Umphrey's, and the Flaming Lips, which was the craziest show I've ever seen. We called it an early night to rest up for our set the next afternoon.

Our day set went well, despite an annoying delay getting set up. We rocked the Sunshine Stage with virtually no soundcheck and had a fun set with a great crowd and great weather. I hightailed over to the bass workshop after our set, and led the workshop along with the bass players from moe and OAR. We had a couple "interesting" jams and answered questions about all things low-end.

My work being done for the weekend, I was psyched to catch G Love on the mainstage. He charmed everyone with his usual endearing sloppiness, and the Special Sauce laid down some nice grooves. I visited various hospitality areas to scarf down more snacks since I didn't have any lunch, and chatted it up with other bands all afternoon long.

Crashed early at the hotel and then returned to the fest for the final day, and caught some Backyard Tire Fire, Macpodz, Dumpstafunk, and George Clinton. All in all a fantastic weekend!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Trouble in Little Minnesota

The band had a little time to kill after our Cabooze gig in Minneapolis before we needed to head to Winnona, so we went to the Mall of America.

There were lots of chain stores, uninformational kiosks, screaming children accompanied by screaming parents amusement park. It didn't take long for FGC to figure out where we were going to spend the remainder of our trip to the MOA.

After a quick ride on the coaster...

and a spin on the carousel...

we were all tuckered out and headed home.

The End.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Recap

5/16 Clearwater Theater, West Dundee

Ripped out a funky set to a packed house. Debuted the Family Guy theme song and a new original ("Guns of Ticonderoga"), and played a rare "Shakedown Street" that had the place jumpin'.

Amount of money found on the ground: $5

5/17 Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN

Played a short but energetic set between The Feelin' Band and Enchanted Ape. The Eau Claire contingent came out in full force, relentlessly requesting another "Funkytown" tease.

Amount of money found on the ground: $1.05

5/18 Draught Haus, Winona, MN

Night started off a bit slow, but picked up later per Winona standard. RJ from Fat Maw Rooney sat in on a few tunes, which was fun.

Amount of money found on the ground: $0 :(

Stay tuned for a report and photos from FGC's visit to the Mall of America in Minneapolis!